All Things Must End
No Force on Earth
Time to Dream
Chosen Paths
Waiting For The Axe To Fall 1 2 3
Axe 2: Walking The Razor's Edge 1 2 3

Part I: Dreaming Is For Dreamers
Part II: Dreamer of Dreams
Part III: Wet Dreams
Part IV: Any Dream Will Do

Seasonal Series
Another Lonely Christmas
Winter Blues

Encounters Xtro II/X-Files
Part II: Sleepless Nights

Other Stories
I am My Enemy
Second Date
Originally published in the zine Leather and Armani
Seven Vials
The Key
Alive and Kicking May 2001 challenge
These Castle Ruins June 2000 challenge
A Bargain with the Devil March 2000 challenge
Solitary Pleasures February 2000 challenge
More Human Than Human October 1999 Challenge
Slave to Love Alexian Nights Challenge

Non X-files NL Fic

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