Part II: Mail
Part III: The Conference
Part IV: The Confrontation
Part V: Eating II
Part VI: Camping
Part VII: Accomodation
Part VIII: Adjustments
Part IX: The Phone Call
Part X: The Trip Up
Part XI: The Visit
Part XII: Alex's Story
Part XIII: Reassurance
Part XIV: The Christmas Special
Part XV: Clean Cut
Part XVI: Dangerous Relations
Chance Encounters
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The Lodge
Part I
Part II: The Visitor
Part III: The Storm
Part IV: Morning Reflections
Part V: Words
On the Steppes
Part I
Part II: At the Beach
Part I
Part II: The Rescue
Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind
Part I
Part II: And Then there were Two
Part III: Three's a Crowd
Part IV: And Now for the Last
Epilogue: The Circus Comes to Town
Brutal Forces
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Whither thou goest
It's a Dog's Life


I: Long Distance Runners
II: The Grounding
III: The First Time
IV: Answers
V: The Night Out
VI: Coming Out
VII: Philippa's Request
Cross Bar Series
Part I: It was a Dark and Stormy Night
Part II: Hot and Humid Eroica crossover


Stand Alones
Getting a Life
The Man of Mystery
Ty soplivy soplyak Krycek/other
Simply Irresistible
Nephos Krycek/other
The Truth of the Matter
First Christmas Sk/K/D
A Winter's Tale Krycek/other
In Death, there is Life
Oral Gratification
It's Not My Fault!!!
Beyond the Barrier of Snow
After Hours
February Fourteenth
The Dream
Seven variations on a Sex Scene
Hallowe'en Spirit
The Foot
Skinner's Reward
The Story of Three Little Feebees
Love Doesn't Need a Title
Closed Doors
Same Channel
The Beach
Ora Pro Nobis
The Better for Hearing
Wednesday Evening
Wednesday Evening: Alternate Ending


XF/HP Alex Krycek/Severus Snape
Another Life New

X-Files/Harsh Realm
Somewhere over the Rainbow: Red (gen)

X-Files/The Sentinel (Krycek/Simon Banks)


Stories by Noirceur
A Walk on the Dark Side
The Game
The Child is Father to the Man
Best Served Cold 1 2