The Lying Series
Cover Art
Part 1
Part 2 Private Storm
Part 3 The Door
Part 3 alternate Going Down
Part 3 alternate Cruel Inventions
Part 3 alternate Cruel Inventions II
Part 4 Raised on Promises
Part 5 Standing Still
Part 6 The End

Hit and Run
with Lucy Snowe
Part I
Part II: Whiplash
Part III: Rubbernecking
Part IV: Moving Violation
Part V: Gridlock
Part VI: Dead End
Epilogue by Jami Wilsen

Just Talking
Part II: The Mouth That Ate Cincinnati

Other Stories

Fairy Tales and Other Lies
Cover Art
Love's Recovery
Steppin' Out
A Short Story
A Random Scene In An Apartment
Did I Ever Tell You
Tarnished Armor
Sweet Tooth
Bus Stop
Better Left Unsaid
Beggars Would Ride
Feeling Fwagile
Let 'Em Eat Cake
Plans Change
January Birthday Snippet
An Old-Fashioned Love Story
The Road to Nowheresville with Dr Ruthless
New Years Smut with Lucy Snowe
January Challenge with Dr Ruthless and Niffusa
"Sure, Fine, Whatever..."

Stories with the Round Robin Bandits

The Slashing with Mr XXX Archive

The Infernale Challenge Page