September 2000 Challenge

We have two challenges this month.

The Pulp Challenge

This challenge is for stories to fill our virtual pulp magazine.
Fiction, confessions, exposés, scandals, illos, ads... anything appropriate to the genre.

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Responses should be sent to ned&leny at


Rowanne's Challenge.

This month's challenge is a bit different. It is not just for authors, or even folks interested in fanfic. Anyone may respond by posting to the list at, or privately to Ned & Leny at

Please feel free to pass the invitation to other lists or people you think might be interested. There will be no time limit on responses.

This month, you are invited to look around your town at the resources available to the gay/lesbian community. Let us know what type of stores, support organizations, clubs etc, offer support. You can also check out local news items that apply to the gay/lesbian population in your area. Have there been recent attacks? Are there annual gay parades? What might someone who is coming out face in terms of adversity and support?

The purpose of this challenge is offer a forum where folks might exchange information and get an idea of what folks in different parts of the world face. Please include links to gay sites that you think are interesting and/or helpful. Other suggestions are listings and descriptions of local gay newspapers and listservs. You might also include your own experiences if applicable and you are comfortable doing so. Anonymity will be respected.


Here's something from Isahunter to get the ball rolling:

I'd like to include a link to a site I found recently. Not only is there a guided tour through beautiful pictures and poignant quotes, but there are also links to support organizations as well. Definitely worth a look!

Rowanne's Look at the Gay Community of Tucson AZ
Katail's contribution
Ursula's contribution