The Admission Series
Cover art
I: Admission
II: Awakening
III: Painful Repercussions
IV: Don't Let Me Dream 1 2
V: Paradise Found 1 2 3 4
VI: Uh...Mom?
VII: Snips and Snails
VIII: The Best Laid Plans 1 2 3 4 5
IX: Recovering 1 2 3 4
X: Always a Bridesmaid
XI: Perfect

The Green Eyed Monster Saga
Cover art
Green Eyed Monster 1 2
Alex's Journal
Move In Condition
Interlude: November

The Phone Series
Local Call
Hang Up
Long Distance

Mind, Body and Soul
Part I: Mind
Part II: Body
Part III: Soul

Private Dancer
Part I
Part II: One Night Only

Not on My Watch
Part I
Part II: That's What Trust'll Get'cha
Part III: Comfort is a Four-Letter Word
Part IV: Remember Me 1 2 3 4 5

DC Rain April 2000 challenge
1 2 3 4
DC Rain II: Double or Nothing
1 2 3 4

And Justice For All

Cover art
1 2 3 4

Other Stories
Apples and Oranges New
Part II: What About Tomorrow
Sleeping in The Devil's Bed
It's The Humidity
The 'H' Is Silent
Ten Minutes
Anatomy of a Quickie
Night Deposit
Present For Fox
Excess Baggage
Simon Says
Love's Sweet Rewards
Out of the Frying Pan with Orithain

Stories with the Round Robin Bandits

The Infernale Challenge Page

Den of Sin