Pretty Baby
Once a Thief AU
The Honey Trap
First Steps
Interlude: Loggerheads
May Challenge
Graduation Day
Little Sisters
The Parent Trap
A Pretty Baby Christmas


The Devil you Know
Nick Lea—Earth Angels/Ivan Sergei—Kindred: The Embraced


The Flower Shop
with the Round Robin Bandits


With Orithain

OaT/XF Vic Mansfield/Alex Krycek
Double the Fun
I: Laissez les bons temps rouler!
II: Mile High Club
III: Yin and Yang
IV: Hail the Prince!
V: Disapproval
VI: A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words
VII: Everybody Hurts
VIII: Learning to Share
IX: Mac in the Sack
X: Four's a Crowd
XI: Repercussions

OaT/HL Vic/Mac and V/M/Connor MacLeod UST
Once an Immortal
I: Bang, You're Dead!

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